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The youngest capped player of England is Theo Walcott.

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You'll have to go a long way to beat James Milner - 40 caps and still eligible, despite recently turning 23.

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James Milner, 37 caps

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Q: Who has the most under 21 caps for England?
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Most capped England under 21 player?

James Milner, 46 Caps

Who has the Most international under 21 football caps for men?

James Milner has 46 U-21 caps for England, Cant find anyone else that has more, In Europe anyway

Most under 21 caps?

Andrea Pirlo has 46 Italy U21 app.

Has pennant played for his country?

He has made 24 appearances for the under 21 side but hasn't got any full caps for England.

What is the name of the England rugby union team?

Simply "England" The Home nations (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales) don't really have nicknames for their teams, the Welsh are sometimes called the "Welsh Dragons" but not often. The England Under 21 Side is known as the "Saxons" and the Irish under 21 are "Wolfhounds"

What is the symbol for rue 21?

Rue 21 doesn't have a symbol. On the websites and stores its just rue 21 {no caps or anything}.

When did Frank Lampard start playing for England?

his first England game was under 21 on 13th November 1997 agaisnt Greece. His first England first team game was on 10th October 1999 against Belgium.