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Derek Jeter has the most stolen bases in Yankees history.

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Q: Who has the most stolen bases in New York Yankees history?
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How many stolen bases did Alex Rodriguez have in 2008?

Alex Rodriguez had 18 stolen bases in 2008 for the New York Yankees.

Who led the New York Yankees in stolen bases for 2009?

Derek Jeter was the stolen base leader for the Yankees in 2009 with 30 steals.

Which Yankees got 30 stolen bases in 2009?

The only New York Yankee to get 30 stolen bases in the 2009 season was Derek Jeter, #2.

Which New York Yankees player had the most stolen bases in a season?

The Yankees single season record is held by Rickey Henderson, who stole 93 bases in 1988.

Who stole the most bases for the New York Yankees in 2009?

The Yankee leader in stolen bases for the 2009 season was Derek Jeter with 30.

How many stolen bases did the 1978 New York Yankees have?

98 ... Willie Randolph led the team with 36.

How many stolen bases does Derek Jeter need to become the all-time leader for the New York Yankees?

On May 28, 2011, Derek Jeter stole his 327th base, becoming the Yankees all-time leader.

Were the New York Yankees called the Titans?

No. The Yankees had three names in their history. The Baltimore Orioles, the New York Highlandersand the New York Yankees.

How many bases did the New York Yankees steal in 2009?

They stole 111 bases in 2009.

What is the best team in the history of MLB?

The New York Yankees are the best team historically because they have 27 world series wins

Who had 50 stolen bases for the Los Angeles Angels baseball team and won the 2000 World Series with the New York Yankees?

Luis Polonia had 51 SBs in 1992 and 55 SBs in 1993 for the Angels and was a member of the 2000 Yankees that won the World Series.

Are the New York Yankees the best?

If you look at history, yes. The Yankees have won 27 World Series tiltles, the most in history.