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Lee flood

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Q: Who has the most rushing yards in a season in Missouri high school football history?
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Who holds the Missouri career high school rushing record?

darrian miller

Who whole the rushing record in Texas high school football?

Kenneth Hall. The "Sugarland Express"

How many rushing yards do Noah Ingram have in Mississippi high school football?


Who has the most career rushing yards in high school football history?

Malcolm Johnson, Sam barlow highschool. over 500 maybe 600.

What is the NC high school football single game rushing record?

Greg Williams-Enloe High School, Raleigh N.C.-484 Yards in 45-42 Loss to Leesville High School

What kind of information can be found on the website Wisconsin High School Football?

The website on Wisconsin High School Football provides information like players who are leading in certain things like rushing leaders, passing leaders. It also provides football headlines about the latest hot topics.

Who are the top 20 career rushing yardage leaders in high school football?

1.Stephan Taylor (Mansfield High School, TX)

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What coach has the most wins in football history?

Summerville High School football coach John Mckissick

Who is Wisconsin all time rushing leader in high school football?

Dick Basham, former coach of the Marquette Universit H.S. Hilltoppers

Who holds the record for most rushing yards in a Mississippi high school football game?

Noah Ingram (Ruleville Central High School, Ruleville, MS) holds the state record for most rushing yards in a single game by amassing 506 yards on 41 carries (6 TDs) against Gentry High School in Sept. 2000

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