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The quarterback with the most rushing yards in NFL history is Randall Cunningham with a total of 4,928 Yards (35 TDs).

Michael Vick (Active) comes in second at 4,567 Yards (31 TDs).

Steve Young is 3rd with 4,239 Yards but has the most career rushing touchdowns. (43 TDs).

Also notable records include:

- Michael Vick's single season QB Rushing Yards record at 1,039 Yards (8.4 Yards Per Carry).

- New England Patriot Steve Grogan's single season (1976) QB Rushing Touchdown record with 12 Touchdowns.

- The single game Rushing TD record at 3 TDs by many different QBs including Daunte Culpepper.

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Q: Who has the most rushing yards by a quarterback?
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