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Jack Nicklaus, 19.

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Q: Who has the most runner ups in major golf championships?
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Who has won the most major championships in golf?

Jack nicklaus

What golf course has hosted the most major championships?


What brand of golf clubs has won the most major golf championships?

Wilson Staff

Who has the most second place finishes in golf majors?

Jack Nicklaus has 19 runner-up finishes - 10 more than Arnold Palmer Full list here:

Who has won the most men's golf major championships?

Jack Nicklaus with 18, then Tiger Woods with 14.

What school has the most NCAA golf championships?


Who has the most runner up finishes in golf?

Jack Nicklaus

What state has held the most US Open golf championships?

new york

PGA golfer with the most major championships?

Jack Nicklaus currently holds the most major golf titles at 18, he won his first in 1962 and his last in 1986 but he is now retired. However the active golfer with the most majors is Tiger Woods, now on 14.

What is a major golf tournament?

A major Golf Championship is simply a very prestigious golf Tournament which has been classed as a major. On the male tour there are 4, they are The US Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship. They are known for their tough conditions and are designed to be the truest test of golf. Nowadays the amount of major championships a player has won seems to be the gauge against which their career is measured. Currently Jack Nicklaus has won the most wit 18 and Tiger Woods is chasing him down with 14.

Who has won the most major golf tournaments?

Jack Nicklaus, he has won 18 major golf tournaments.

What major university has the most national championships in all sports?


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