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In Nascar it would be Richard Petty with 200 wins.

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Q: Who has the most race car wins in Nascar?
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Which model car has the most Nascar wins Also which car is better Ford Chevy or Toyota in a Nascar race or in general?

Chevrolet currently holds the most wins in NASCAR's divisions. They are still the most dominant auto maker in general.

What race car number has the most wins in Nascar?

43 and Richard Petty got 200 wins in his career with that being his number his whole career.

Which model car has the most wins in the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup season?

Through race #20, Kevin Harvick's Chevrolet Impala and Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry are tied with three wins each in the Nascar Cup Series.

How much horsepower does a NASCAR race car have?

A Nascar race car has 850 Horsepower(HP) @ 9,000 RPM.

How much do Nascar race car drivers make for winning a race?

Depending on the track a NASCAR driver can win up to $350,000 per race if he wins the race. Jeff Gordon placed 32nd this year and still received $10000,

Does a Nascar race car need a number to race?


Does Walgreens sponsor a Nascar race car?


Can you race your own car in nascar or do you have to race for a franchize?

You could race your own car if you were rich enough.

How much does a NASCAR team owner pay to enter a car in a NASCAR race?


How much of a Nascar race car is made by the car sponsor?

None of it. NASCAR sponsors don't make cars.

Has there ever been a nascar stock car hit by lighting during a race?

No, there has never been an instance where a car was struck by lightning during a NASCAR race.

How many Nascar wins does Jack Roush have as a car owner?

150 wins

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