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Since 1970 (including Superbowl matches), Tom Brady(16-6) and Joe Montana (16-7) have each won 16 post-season games. It should be noted that Tom Brady remains active and this total does not include the upcoming results from the 2012-2013 playoffs.

Two people are tied for second with 14. Terry Bradshawand John Elway. Brett Favre is third with 13 postseason games. There are only 11 other QBs who have more than 5 post-season wins.

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Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are tied with four Super Bowl wins each.

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Q: Who has the most quarterback wins in the Super Bowl?
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What nfl quarterback has the most super bowl wins?

terry bradshaw

Which quarterback has had the most consecutive Super Bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has the most Super Bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw

Why aren't your football answers up to date?

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What quarterback has five super bowl wins?

Super Bowl XLII- NY Giants 17, New England 14 Super Bowl XLIII- Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 Super Bowl XLIV- New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17 Super Bowl XLV- Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25 Super Bowl XLVI- NY Giants 21, New England 17

Which Quarter backs tied most super bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana share the record of most Super Bowl victories by a quarterback. They are both 4-0 in Super Bowl play.

Who was the quarterback in New England's Super Bowl wins?

Tom Brady

Who has more super bowl wins as a quarterback?

I think it was Joe Montana