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Wayne Gretzky.

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Adam oates

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Q: Who has the most points in the 90s in the NHL?
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Most points in one nhl season?

Wayne Gretzky has broken numerous records of having the most points.

NHL Most points NHL playoffs single season?

Wayne Gretzky 1985 Edmonton 47 points

Who had the most points in a single in NHL history?


Who scored most points in NHL in 07'?

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins had 120 points total in the 2006-2007 NHL Season.

Who scored the most career points in the NHL?

Wayne gresky

Who was the highest scoring NHL hockey player?

Wayne Gretzky holds NHL records for most career goals (894), most career points (2,857), most goals in a season (92) and most points in a season (215).

What NHL player had the most points from 1990 to 1999?

Jaromir Jagr

Who leads the most points in NHl Sedin or Ovechkin?

henrik sedin

Who scored the most points in the NHL 2009 season?

Hendrick Sedien

Who has the most points in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky. (He has the most career goals, as well as the most career points.) He finished his career with a total of 2,857

Which active NHL player has the most career points?

Jaromir Jagr of the Dallas Stars with 1653 career points

Which NHL player has the most points since the 2003 Playoffs?