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Brett Favre beat Dan Marino's all time passing touchdown record recently.

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Q: Who has the most passing touchdowns in nfl history all time?
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Who has most touchdowns in NFL history all time?

Jerry Rice 208 career touchdowns.

Who has the most all time touchdowns in the nfl?

Brett Favre beat Dan Marino's all time passing touchdown record recently.

Most touchdowns in shortest time?

New England scored 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds.

Where does New England Patriots Tom Brady rank amongst quarterbacks?

9th all time in career passing yards 8th all time in career completions 5th all time in passing touchdowns.

Who is the all time leader in passing yards in high school football?

Brandon LaPlante of Huntley Illinois...27.458 yards in 4 years and 196 touchdowns Also has 3,789 rushing yards and 46 touchdowns

Who ran the most touchdowns?

Emmitt Smith ran for a total of 164 touchdowns during his 14-year career in the NFL. Most of this time, he played for the Dallas Cowboys.

What receiver has the most touch downs for the cowboys?

The all time leader in receiving touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys is Bob Hayes with 71 touchdowns.

What receiver has had the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns scored with 208, had 197 career receiving TDs.

Who is the Redskins all time leader in passing yardage?

That would be Joe Theismann, with 3,602 attempts, 2,044 completions, 25,206 yards, and 160 Touchdowns.

Who holds the NFL record for most touchdowns all time?

Jerry Rice 207

What high school football player scored the most touchdowns all-time?

Marcus dupree

Who is the all time rushing yards leader in high school football history?

Chris Cunningham of Huntley, Illinois with 10,737 yards and 77 touchdowns. He also has 678 catches for 5,667 yards and 44 touchdowns.

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