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Darren sharper is ahead of ty law by one interception.... champ bailey trails in third

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Q: Who has the most interceptions among active players in the NFL?
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Who has the most interceptions in playoffs among active nfl players?

Ed Reed

Who has the most rings among nba active players?

Kobe Bryant!

Who has most passing yards in nfl?

Among active players it is Peyton Manning but among inactive it is Dan Marino

What active quarterback has the most interceptions thrown?

Brett FarveFavre retired following the 2010 season. Going into the 2012 season, Peyton Manning is the active leader for most interceptions thrown, with 198.

Which linebaker in the NFL has the most interceptions?

Baltimore LB Don Shinnick holds the record all-time record for linebackers with 37 career interceptions. Shinnick played from 1957-1969. Amongst active players, Ray Lewis leads the league with 29 career interceptions. Source: Playerfilter

Who has the most interceptions in their career that is active?

Through Week 2 of the 2009 season, that is Darren Sharper of the New Orleans Saints with 59 career interceptions.

Who has the most triple doubles among active players?

Frank Johansen of the New Jersey nets with 78 triple doubles

Which Quarterback with most interceptions in 2008?

The quarterback that has the most interceptions is Brett Favre, he has 22 interceptions

What NFL team has the most interceptions for a season?

The Titans Get the most interceptions

Which university has most active in NFL players?

The University of Miami, followed by Florida State University have the most active players in the NFL

Who holds the interception record for the NFL?

The career interception record is held by Paul Krause with 81 interceptions. The single-season record is held by Dick "Night Train" Lane with 14 interceptions. The most interceptions caught in a game is 4 by 20 players.

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