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the setter

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Q: Who has the most important role in volleyball?
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What are the important volleyball tournaments and venues?

An important volleyball tournament is the FIVB, which is an important international tour, and the AVP, which is important for most Americans. The Olympics is also an important tournament.

What is the most important skill in volleyball?

movement on the court

What is the most important aspect of a volleyball serve?

Hitting the ball....

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the most important role is business is to provide employment for people

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The most important role an organism plays in the ecosystem

Who had the most important role in the abolishment of the slave trade in Britain?

William Wilberforce had the most important role in this.

Important persons in a volleyball team?

Yea, everyone is important on a volleyball team, but I personally think that the libero is the most important. Mostly because the libero can pretty much do anything. and can go in for any position

Why is the power important for volleyball?

power is important in volleyball so that the opponent will have a difficulty in retrieving the ball. . .

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The most important role is typically, trying to play a spoiler role in the elections.

Most important role of a prokaryotic cell wall?

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What does the setter do in vollyball?

The setter is the most important person on a volleyball team. They are the person that decides who will get the ball.

What sports in Africa are important?

Well, Football the most, volleyball is also popular in south africa

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