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According to Fifa, Uefa, and Deloitte and Touche the latest 2008/2009 figures for fans Worldwide are:

  1. Manchester United 330 Million
  2. Real Madrid 231 Million
  3. Barcelona 202 Million
  4. Liverpool 115 Million
  5. Arsenal 104 Million
  6. Bayern Munich 106 Million
  7. AC Milan 97 Million
  8. Juventus 109Million
  9. Hamburg 102 Million
  10. Roma 76 Million
  11. Chelsea 68 Million
  12. Borussia Dortmund 54 Miilion
  13. Chelsea 52 Million
  14. Lyon 44 Million
  15. Marsaille 31 Million
  16. Schalke 26 Million
  17. Glasgow Celtic 21 Million
  18. Newcastle United 14 Million
  19. Werder Bremen 13 Million
  20. Glasgow Rangers 12 Million

The figures are based on Fanbases, numbers through the turnstiles, membership to fanclubs etc.

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I think Cristiano Ronaldo the 21st cen. star must have more fans because the way he plays,scores and more often the way he looks..the star would have more female supportes than any other.

2nd would be messi,the barca legend & 3 times Ballon d'Or winner,whos dribbling can break any defence,he does not show skills as c.ronaldo but has great accuray & speed

I would give 3rd place 2 my Spanish hero-Fernando el nino Torres who is so awesome and there is more gossip of him these days. He do not have as much potential as messi And c. ronaldo but can shine at moments. He would have become a legend for liverpool(like messi for barca) rather than joining chealse fc.

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Q: Who has the most football fans in the world and the largest fanbase?
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