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Club de Regatas FLAMENGO

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Supporters: around 35 million (19% of brazillians)

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Q: Who has the most football club supporters in the world?
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What football club has the most supporters in the world?

Manchester united with 965 million supporters around the globe

What football club from a town has the most supporters?

Real Madrid

Who is the most suported football team in the world?

the most supported football team is Manchester city:-)I don't think so.Galatasaray Istanbul has 10,140,000 supporters.This is 33.8% of all the 30 million Football Club supporters in Turkey.

Which football club is the most richest club in the world?

Manchester United

Most popular football club in the world?

The current best football club in the world of 2008 is Manchester United

What is the most famous sports game?

I have to say Football (soccer) because its has the most players and supporters world wide

Who are the Dundee Derry Boys?

The Dundee Derry Boys is a nickname giving to Dundee Football Club supporters. At Dundee FC's ground there is a stand which is affectionetly known as The Derry, the stand is widely recognised as the spirtitual home of the club and it is the area that the most passtionate supporters sit and support the club.

Which football club has won the most silverware in the world?


Which country having most supporters around the world in football Argentina or Brazil?

Brazil will have a bigger support.

Where is Arsenal football Club rank as the world most supported club?

the 4th most supported club in the world after Barcelona, R Madrid, M Utd then Arsenal

Who is the most successful team in the world?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Who is the most rich football club owner in the world?

Gareth Bale