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Notre Dame with 11 National Championships.

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2009-08-23 16:56:04
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Q: Who has the most football championships before the BCS?
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Which player has the most NCAA football championships?

which player won the most BCS championships

What football team has won the most bcs champions?

Florida and LSU have the most BCS Championships

Which college football conference has won the most BCS championships?


How many BCS championships Alabama got?

Alabama claims 13 National Championships in football. One of these championships is a BCS championship. Before the BCS, teams were voted champion by various organizations. Whether or not Alabama has 13 actual championships can be debated, but their 1 BCS Championship cannot be challenged.

Who has won the most BCS national championships?

LSU and Florida have 2 BCS National Championships, but Alabama has 3 BCS National Championships. (BCS era started in 1998) Alabama also has the most all time National Championships with 15.

What school has won the most NCAA national football championships according to the BCS?

Florida and LSU have each won two BCS championships. No one else has won more than one.

How many football BCS championships has USC won?

USC has 11 National Championships in men's football but only one BCS Championship in 2004.But this one win will be taken away shortly due to NCAA violations regarding Reggie Bush. I separated this question back out from "How many football BCS championships has USC won" because they are two different questions. When the BCS takes away USC's single BCS championship, it will not change the fact that they won it. They will still have won a BCS championship, but they will not have a BCS championship.

How many BCS Championships have LSU won?

2 bcs championships

Who has the most BCS championships ever?

Alabama Crimson Tide has 14 National Championships

What ncaa has won the most BCS championships?

The University of Texas

Where will the 2012 football championships be held?

The 2012 BCS game will be held in the Louisiana Super Dome

Has Michigan won the BCS championships?

No, their last national title was won 1997, the year before the BCS was invented in 1998.

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