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The greatest number of ducks in One Day International cricket for Bangladesh is 18, achieved by Habibul Bashar, from a total of 105 One-Day International innings over 12 years from 1995 to 2007.

Of players still involved in the game, as of May 2011, Mohammad Ashraful has scored 11 ducks in 158 One-Day International innings since 2001.

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2011-05-09 16:39:02
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Q: Who has the most ducks in the history of cricket on Bangladesh?
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Cricket player who out on 0 most times?

According to Wikipedia, the player who has garnered the most ducks (dismissals for nought) in Test Cricket is Courtney Walsh of the West Indies (with 43 ducks). Reg Parks currently holds the record for the most ducks in First-Class cricket with 156.

Who has the most ducks in the history of cricket?

The holder of the most ducks ever scored in one season of cricket is Robert Hawkes. He plays for Bapchild and in one season recorded 41 ducks including 17 golden ducks, three primary ducks and a duck that took him 60 balls to aquire. He attends Borden Grammar school and is also a keen footballer and scored 12 own goals in a season. He is a goalkeeper.

Who has the most ducks in t20 cricket?

J P Duminy

Which batsman has scored the most ducks in the cricket world cup?

Nathan Astle(Aus)5 ducks.

Who scored most run in world cup cricket for Bangladesh cricket team?

Imrul Kayes was the top scorer of Bangladesh with 188 runs in 6 matches.

Which cricketer has the most ducks in cricket international?

brettjackson with 261ducks in 300 matches

What is national sport for Bangladesh?

Hadudu (Kabaddi). The most popular sport is cricket.

What is Bangladesh national sport?

Sport in Bangladesh is popular and widespread. The most popular sport in Bangladesh is cricket, Bangladesh being the top 9th team in the world,[1] followed by football (soccer), and kabaddi. Kabaddi is the national sport of Bangladesh.Hope that answers your question

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yes it will inshallah because pakistan has the most developed cricket grounds in the world.

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Which team holds the record for most consecutive losses in test cricket?

21 tests by Bangladesh.

Which player has the most zero in one day cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka with 34 ducks.

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