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triple h

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Q: Who has the most championships belts undertaker or Triple H?
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Who had the most wrestling world championships?


Does undertaker has the most belts in WWE?

No he is not the person who has won the most belts, is either stone cold steve austin or the rock because undertaker has won the most wreslemanias in a row, dont be stupid people.

Who won with undertaker and Triple H?

NO he lost and the undertaker's steak is still unbroken

Will the Undertaker lose to Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania26?

Uhhmm nope whats gonna happen is either undertaker wont fight HBK or that undertaker will win. If Undertaker does lose however it will most likely be a triple threat match (most likely with Triple H) and undertaker isn't the one who gets pinned. The thing is it ends his winning streak with a really cheap ending. If taker loses he will most likely retire.

Who has won the most wrestling belts?

i guess Jake The Snake has i think he won like 62 championships

Who has won second most belts in WWE?

Triple H has the second most Wwe championship/world heavyweight titles. overal with all the minor belts idk.

Who has had the most championships in the WWE?

triple h or the nature boy ric flair from Lisa Russell

Who are the best WWE superstars?

That is simple the most dominate i.e. Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, Batista.

What happened to undertaker after WrestleMania?

it depends on which wrestle mania your talking about if it's the most recent one (undertaker vs triple h wrestle mania 27) then undertaker left apparently due to injury he received from triple h (so wwe says) but he will be back he's just taking some time off for now