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Q: Who has the most buzzer beaters in the nba right now?
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What nba player have the most buzzer beaters?


Who had most buzzer beater in the NBA history?

Michael Jordan with 231 buzzer beaters

Who had the most buzzer beaters in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant by far

How many nba buzzer beaters does carmelo Anthony have?


How many buzzer beaters did Michael Jordan Have in a NBA championship game?


Top 10 NBA players with the most buzzer beaters of all-time?

kobe bryant michael jordan

How many buzzer beaters lebron James have made?

He has shot 17 game winning shots in the NBA when down by two, one, or tied with 24 seconds or less left on the clock. He is going to be the greatest player in the NBA for ever!

Who has the most buzzer beater shots currently in NBA?


In the NBA has a shot ever gone in from half court?

Yes, of course - long range buzzer beaters have gone from way behind the half-court line multiple times in the history of the great game :)

How great is LeBron James?

Lebron James is the greatest not to brag but he has made countless buzzer beaters, MVP of the year in 2009, 40+ ppg a night in the playoffs, has an incredible 44" vertical leap is built, can make miraculous drives and shots. and is the best right now in the NBA. forget about haters of lebron. they are just hating themselves. lebron is and will be the greatest in the NBA.

Who made the first buzzer beater in the NBA?

Bob Harrison (1950 NBA finals) of the Minneapolis Lakers. He made a 40-foot buzzer beater to win the game.

What nba team never made a buzzer beater?


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