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the New York Yankees with 26 world championships

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Q: Who has the most World Series victories?
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Which teams have the most World Series victories?

No surprise -- the New York Yankees have the most series victories (27) and most games won in World Series play (134).

What baseball team has the second most World Series victories?

The St. Louis Cardinals is the baseball team that has the second-most World Series victories. The New York Yankees have the most victories.

What pitcher has the most world series victories?


What sports team has the most championships?

New York Yankees- 27 World Series victories

How many World Series games did the Oakland A's win?

Depending on what you are looking for: Athletics Franchise (Philadelphia & Oakland) World Series Championships 9 World Series Game Victories 41 Oakland Athletics World Series Championships 4 World Series Game Victories 17

Who has appeared in the most World Series?

If you mean Major League Baseball, it's obviously the New York Yankees, with 40 appearances and 27 World Series victories.

What pitcher holds the record for most World Series games won?

Whitey Ford of the New York Yankees holds the MLB record for World Series pitching victories with 10.

How many World Series Rings does Barry Bonds have?

ZERO....Barry Bonds has ZERO World Series Victories. And how sad it is.

Who has the most world cup victories?


What is the collective noun of victories?

Collective nouns are a series of victories or a string of victories.

How many World Series have the New York Yankees played in?

The Yankees have a total of 40 World Series appearances and 27 victories.

What pitcher holds the record for most career world series victories?

New York Yankees hurler Ed "Whitey" Ford won a record 10 World Series games during his career.

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