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The New England Patriots have won the most Super Bowls since 1994. They have 3 wins since that year.

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Q: Who has the most Super Bowl wins in the last 20 years?
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Who has been to the super bowl the most in the last TEN years?

The New England Patriots (4 times in the last 10 yeards).

When was the last time the cowboys wer in the super bowl?

1996 they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to make it a tie for the most superbowl wins at the time. That year they also made it 3 out of 4 years they won the super bowl.

What NFL team won the most super bowls in the last 20 years?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 7 Super Bowls.... Their record is 6-1... in February of 2009 the Steelers won their 6th Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLIII) against the Arizona Cardinals. They currently hold the record for most Super Bowls won over the history of the NFL.The Cowboys and the Patriots are tied with three superbowls each in the last twenty years.

When was the last time the patriots were in the super bowl?

The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl most recently in the 2011-12 season for Super Bowl 46. They lost to the Giants 21-17

When the last time green bay won a super bowl?

The most recent Super Bowl win for the Green Bay Packers was in 2011 (for the 2010-11 season). This was Super Bowl XLV.

What football team has won the most Super Bowl for the last ten years and how much time did they win it?

The New England Patriots won the Superbowl 3 times (the most) in the last ten years. They won in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Who is the last player to win the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award twice in his career?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was the last player to win the Super Bowl MVP award more than once. He won for his performances in Super Bowl XXXVI and XXXVIII.

Was the last Super Bowl the most boring to date?

until the last 2 minutes of the 4th, yes.

Where did the last Super Bowl take place?

The most recent Super Bowl, XLVIII (48), took place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Where was the last Super Bowl at?

The most recent Super Bowl, Super Bowl XLII, was played in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phenix Stadium. The New Jersey Giants defeated the previously undefeated New England Patriots 17-14.

When was the last time the patrets won the soperbowl?

The New England Patriots have been in three Super Bowl Championships. The most recent time was also their most recent win during Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005.

What player had the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

Quarterback Gale Gilbert was a backup to Jim Kelly in Buffalo's four Super Bowl years (Super Bowls XXV through XXVIII) and was a backup to Stan Humphries when San Diego went to the Super Bowl XXIX.

Which nfl team has won the most Super Bowl during the last 25 years?

For the time period between Super Bowls XX and XLIV, that would be the 49ers (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX), Giants (XXI, XXV, XLII), Cowboys (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX), and Patriots (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX) each with 3 Super Bowl victories.

What Super Bowl had the most fumbles?

Super Bowl XXVII

Super Bowl wins?

Who has most Super Bowl wins

What is the most expensive Super Bowl ring?

the Pittsburgh steelers super bowl xliii super bowl ring

What is the NFL championship and when is it?

It is called the Super Bowl and is played in early February most years.

Player with the most fumbles in Super Bowl history?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, Roger Staubach with 5 has the most fumbles in Super Bowl history.

What Super Bowl NFL quarterback has thrown the most total interceptions in the Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the QB with the most career Super Bowl interceptions is John Elway of the Denver Broncos with 8.

What nfl team has most super bowl wins?

The steelers have the most super wins they have six super bowl wins.

Which conference has had the most bowl appearances in the last 5 years?


Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


What Super Bowl had that most attendance?

Super bowl XIV 103,985

Who won the most out raiders and 49ers?

The Oakland Raiders have only won three Super Bowl championships - Super Bowl XI, Super Bowl XV, and Super Bowl XVIII. The San Francisco 49ers have won five Super Bowl championships. These include Super Bowl XVI, Super Bowl XIX, Super Bowl XXIII, Super Bowl XXIV, and Super Bowl XXIX. This means that the 49ers have won more.

Which nfl team has the most super bowl losses?

The Denver Broncos has the most super bowl losses in NFL history. Denverâ??s loss in Super Bowl XLVIII marked the fifth time the Broncos have lost the Super Bowl.