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Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw each have four.

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Q: Who has the most Super Bowl rings for a quarter back?
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Quarter back with most super bowl rings?

Tom Brady

What back up quarter back has the most super bowl rings?

Vinnie Testaverde

Was their a Rookie quarter back to win the Super Bowl?


Which running back has most super bowl rings?

Franco Harris

Who was the pittspurgh quarter back in super bowl xiii?

Terry Bradshaw.

Who was the quarter back for the colts in Super Bowl five?

johnny unitis

When was the last 49ers Super Bowl win?

Their last super bowl win was in 1995 with Steve Young as quarter back

Who was the quarter back when the chiefs won the Super Bowl?

Len Dawson, who was named Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl IV.

Who was green bay quarter back in Super Bowl 31?

Brett favre

Who was the quarter back of the winning team in the third Super Bowl?

Joe namath

Who was the last black quarter back to win super bowl?

michael vick

Who was the quarter back for the panthers when they lost to the patriots in the super bowl?

Jake Delhomme.

Who was the quarter back when the redskins last won the Super Bowl?

Doug Williams

Who was the quarter back to make it to the first eagles Super Bowl?

The quarterback for the first Philadelphia Eagles super bowl appearance was Ron Jaworski.

Who was the first African American to play quarter back in a Super Bowl game?

Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII.

Who was the quarter back for the Kansas City Chiefs when they won the super bowl?

Joe Montana

The starting quarter back for the winning team in the Super Bowl of 2008?

Eli Manning

Who the Quarter Back with the most Super Bowl Wins?

Terry bradshaw,joe Montana

How many Super Bowl rings does Jimmy Johnson possess?

2 - He won back to back rings with the Cowboys in January 93 and January 94

Who is the only Super Bowl winning quarterback not to go to the pro bowl?

there was none they choose not to go if they did not go if you are a quarter back and go to the super bowl you are going to be invited to the probowl.,

What backup QB has won the most Super Bowl rings?

Tom Brady started his career as a back up and now has 3 Super Bowl Championships

How many Super Bowl rings did Steve Young earned as a back-up quarterback?


Who is the quarter back with the most Super Bowl pass attempts without interception?

That is Joe Montana who threw 0 interceptions in 122 Super Bowl passes.

Who was theFirst black quarter back to go to the super bowl?

Doug Williams- Denver Broncos

What Quarter back holds record for most yards passing in a Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner