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think its jayawardene dravid in test for sure

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Ricky Ponting has the more catches in the cricket world cups

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Q: Who has the more catches in the cricket World Cups?
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Which player more catches the cricket world cup?

Ricky Ponting take 28 catches in cricket world cup

Who played more than 4 cricket world cups?

javed miandad

Which country get cricket world cup more?

Australia has won most number of world cups.Team has won 4 world cups.

Which of these teams have participated in more than 1 ICC Cricket World Cups?

Only 3 teams have won world cup more than once.It includes Australia,West Indies and India.Australia won the maximum world cups four times.

Which country has first won cricket world cup twice?

Australia has won the most cricket world cups (four) in 1987, 1999, 2003, and 2007.

Who win more cricket world cup?


How many World Cups do Brazil have?

Brazil have won five world cups one more then Italy.

What country won more world cups in history?

Brazil have won a record five world cups.

How cricket is more popular in the world?

Who told you cricket is the most popular game? Most popular game is football and cricket ranks number 2.

Does Brazil have more football world cups than any other country?

Yes, they have the most with 5 world cups

Who has more cups on soccer?

Brazil so far has won 5 world series cups

What player has participated in more games and in world cups?

Sachin Tendulkar has the record of playing in more games in world cups and Sanath Jayasurya holds the record for ODIs