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John Tavares: 12 games, 21 points (8 goals, 13 assists), 12/29-1/21

Eric Staal: 12 games, 21 points (7 goals, 14 assists), 2/8-3/6

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10 games, by 1993-94 Toronto Maple Leafs and 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres

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Detroit RedWings won 11

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Q: Who has the longest point streak in NHL season 2011-2012?
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What was Sidney Crosby's longest point scoring streak in his career?

He had 11 goals and 19 assists for 30 points during a 19-game point streak early in the 2007-08 season. He currently (as of December 5th, 2010) has 17 goals and 14 assists for 31 points during a 15-game point streak. It is his second best point scoring streak of his career.

How many games is the longest NHL point scoring streak?

Wayne Gretzky managed to accumulate a 61 game point streak

What was Mario limieux's longest point scoring streak in hs career?

46 games in '89-90.

What American born player has the longest point streak in NHL History?

Eddy Olczyk had it with 18 games. Phil Kessel tied it this passed season.

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Which Edmonton Oilers player holds the record for the longest consecutive goal-scoring streak?

In 1983-84, he had a 51-game point-scoring streak that has been compared to "Joltin' Joe" DiMaggio's streak in baseball, during which he averaged exactly three points a game, scoring 61 goals and 92 assists for 153 points.

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