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Q: Who has the longest hit streak in North Carolina high school baseball history?
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Who has the longest hit streak in high school baseball history?

Tom Imhoff of New Albin-Lansing(IA) Kee High School

What is Longest pass in high school history?

60 yards

Longest win streak in baseball history?

The longest high school baseball winning streak is 89, held by Portsmouth High School (NH) which ended April 30, 2012. The longest active is Martensdale-St. Mary's High School, which is at 87 (their season doesn't start until May 21). The MLB record is 26 set by the 1916 New York Giants.

Who currently has the longest winning streak in high school football in North Carolina?


What is the longest losing streak in NJ high school football history?

Verona Highschool

Who has the longest winning streak in boys high school baseball?

Portsmouth, NH

What is the longest Oregon High School Baseball game?

the longest baseball game was in 1975, game played between San Lorenzo High school and Hayward High school went 25 innings spread over 2 days but i don't know about Oregon

What is the longest winning streak in high school football history?

The longest winning record is By The La Pine Hawks and it is a 112 games in a row won!

Who has won the most state football championships in North Carolina history?

reidsville high school 18

Is the Precambrian time the longest or shortest part of Earth's history?

The Precambrian time period is the longest time period of Earth's history.Looks like we have the same worksheet in school :)

How much money does a high school history teacher earn?

A high school history teacher in the United States earns an annual average salary of $39,000. The average annual salary for a high school history teacher in North Carolina is $37,000.

What is the longest high school field goal record in South Carolina?

Richard Jackson of Riverside High School in Greer, SC set the South Carolina high school record for a successful field goal. Richard kicked a 64 yard field goal on October 14, 2005 against Union high school.

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