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morten Anderson nfl from 86 to 08

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Q: Who has the longest career NBA or NFL?
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Who played sports the longest?

This is a very broad question. You might want to ask who had the longest career in NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, and NHL ext. This will tell you who had the longest career in each sport and you will then be able to see who had the longest career or ( in your words) who played sports the longest.

Longest active NBA career?


Who has the longest NBA career?

Robert Parish

What is the Longest NBA player career length?

Robert PArish played 21 seasons, longest in the NBA.

Who has the longest active NBA career?

Robert Parish

What NFL player has had the longest career?

george blanda

Which team has the longest active consecutive playoff appearances for the NHL MLB NFL NBA?

The NFL.

Who had the longest career in the NFL as wide receiver?

Jerry Rice

Which NFL player had the longest career?

George Blanda Had 26 Years.

Longest current NBA career?

Robert "The Chief" Parish has the longest active NBA career with 11,611 games played over 21 seasons. Darrell Green who played 20 seasons from 1983-2002 with the Redskins.

Who had the longest career with one team in the NBA?

John Stockton - 19 years with Utah Jazz

Who pays more NBA or NFL?


Who ran the longest yards in football?

Emmit Smith has the most career rushing yards in the NFL.

What NFL quarterback had the longest career?

George Blanda he played 26 years in the nfl as a quarterback/kicker but 3 of those years he never threw a ball so he only played a QB for 23 years but is still the longest career as a QB.

Which professional sport NBA NFL NHL or Major League Baseball has longest average player careers?


Who had the longest NFL quarter back career?

Probably Brett Favre who is in his 19th or 20th year in the nfl and who now plays for the minnestota vikings

How many years has an NFL player played?

I think George Blanda is likely the player with the longest career.

Longest timed play in nfl history?

The longest career in NFL history belongs to the great George Blanda. Blanda played 26 season as a kicker and quarterback for Oakland, Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

How many NFL and NBA players is it?

53 for NFL and 15 for NBA

Who had the longest career in the NFL?

George Blanda holds the record for service years in the NFL with 26 and is third all time in games played with 340.

What NFL player never fumbled the ball?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis has the longest streak of carries to start an NFL career without a fumble (589).

How old was the longest career player in the nfl when he retired?

Jeff Feagles he play for the NewYork Giants. He is still playing.

Who had the longest NFL career?

I BELIEVE GEORGE BLANDA OF THE OAKLAND RAIDERS HAD THE LONGEST NFL CARREER (WELL OVER 20 YRS.). Blanda played in the AFL (not the NFL) from 1960-1969. So you can take 10 years off of his total if you take the question literally. Correct answer for longest NFL career would be Morten Andersen. With 25 seasons and the NFL record for most games played at 382. Blanda is third on the list behind Andersen and Gary Anderson.

Which NASCAR driver had the longest career?

Richard Petty had the longest career.

Is NBA better than NFL?

I Think That NFL Is Better Than NBA Because NFL is more injuries and more scoring .So That what i said that NFL is better NBA

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