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Did you mean : Who has the largest fan base in the world between Manchester united and Celtic?

World Wide it would be Celtic.

I would have to agree, mainly because of the world wide support Celtic has from the Irish who have emigrated and second, third and fourth generation who would align themselves with anything Irish. With Man Utd you have a much more shallow bunch, Celtic is more than just a club, Celtic fans support Celtic due to heritage and a way of supporting life.

This is complete faulse that Manchester United is supported by 5% of the worlds population (320 million), where as Celtic is supported by 0.0015 (9,000,000) of the worlds population. FACT Celtic have more real fans I am not talking about all the many women, children and cling-ons who align themselves with United I would consider them as a event fan, as I said Celtic are more than just a club.

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Q: Who has the largest fan base in the world between Mancheter united and Celtic?
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