Who has the homerun record?

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Hank Aaron


In August 2007, Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron with the use of steroids, but he will NOT be inducted into the hall of fame for taking steroids.

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Q: Who has the homerun record?
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What did Hank Aaron do?

He was the first to break Babe Ruth's homerun record.

In what year did roger maris and mickey mantle go for the homerun record?


Why was Hank Aaron Famous?

He broke Babe Ruth's all time homerun record.

When was Homerun EP created?

Homerun EP was created on 2009-03-31.

When was Los Homerun-es created?

Los Homerun-es was created in 2005.

What actors and actresses appeared in Homerun - 2005?

The cast of Homerun - 2005 includes: Jeff Fischer

When was Homerun - The Kelly Family album - created?

Homerun - The Kelly Family album - was created on 2004-06-07.

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Instant Replay is only possible on Homerun balls whether they go over the fence or whether Homerun balls are fair or foul and Homerun balls that could be fan interference.

How do you unlock Super Players in Baseball Superstars 2010 for iPhone?

Get GPoints by doing missions or Homerun Race after you've made a Batter. In Homerun Race, get a Homerun and hit the GAMEVIL sign for a free 500 GPoints when you complete the round for Homerun Race. If you hit the sign then exit during the game, your GPoints will not be saved.

Who is the oldest Major League Baseball player ever to hit a home run?

The oldest MLB player to ever hit a homerun was Julio Franco. His first record was made at Petco Park in California against the Padres. When he made this record, he was 47 years old. (i know all of this cuz i was there) The year after that when he was 48, he hit another homerun. I dont know where this was though. Julio Franco made both of these record breaking homeruns while he was on the New York Mets.

Who hit the first homerun?

babe Ruth

What is a word that has 7 letters and that has to do with baseball?


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