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The player with the highest 3 point field goal percentage in NCAA history is Devante Wallace. He played for Duquesne, and had a percentage of 56.

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Q: Who has the highest 3pt field goal percentage in ncaa history?
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Who has the highest shooting percentages in the NBA history?

I believe, though someone may correct me, that it was the 'Legend' Larry Bird.AnswerArtis Gilmore...lifetime field goal percentage of .599. AnswerMark Price, free-throw pct of .904. The correct answer: Artis Gilmore has highest field goal percentage for CAREER at .599. But for BEST single SEASON Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for field goal percentage at .727 accomplished in the 72-73 season.

What is shooting percentage?

It's the percentage of your field goal shots made and field goals attempted, also known as a field goal percentage

Who was the highest goal scorer in soccer history?

Pele is the highest goal scorer in soccer history.

What is brandon jennings field goal percentage?

Brandon Jennings field goal percentage stands at 37.4 percent which is one of the worst.

What is the average percentage of field goal percentage of college athletes?


Who has the best field goal percentage at heinz field?

Jeff Reed

What was Michael Jordan's field goal percentage with the Chicago Bulls?

He made 10962 out of 21686 shots with the Bulls, so that's about 50.55% field goal percentage.

What is the record for highest team field goal percentage in an NCAA Championship game?

In the 1985 Georgetown vs. Villanova championship game, Villanova set the record by shooting 79% from the field

Who holds the record for the highest career 3 point field goal percentage?

It's C.J. Redick. He at one point in his career shot 82.5% from corner 3. But the highest 3 point percentage from all around was by Stephen Curry at 51.5%.

What was Shaquille O'Neal's field goal percentage?

58.2% for his career.

What is Lebron James career field goal percentage?


How do you find a basketball shooting percentage?

Field Goal (FG) percentage can be determined by diving the field goals made by the field goals attempted. For instance, if a player makes 5 field goals out of 8, then his/her field goal percentage is 62.5%. The field goal percentage is composed of all field goals made--whether a two-pointer or three-pointer. A player's three-pointer percentage is three-pointers made divided by three-pointers attempted. You can find a player or team's field goal percentage in the NBA section of any sports website or listed in the sports section of most U.S. newspapers.

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