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Cameron Mills, who played for Kentucky during the 94/95 - 97/98 seasons, has a career three point percentage of 47.4%.

The Top Ten in 3P% (minimum 20 attempts) (Bold indicates active as of 3/16/11)

  1. Cameron Mills, 47.4%
  2. Doron Lamb, 47.2%
  3. Myron Anthony, 44.8%
  4. Travis Ford, 44.5%
  5. Mark Pope, 41.6%
  6. Sean Sutton, 40.9%
  7. Walter McCarty, 40.1%
  8. Rex Chapman, 40.0%
  9. Preston LeMaster, 40.0%
  10. Derek Anderson, 39.9%
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Q: Who has the greatest 3 point percentage for The Kentucky Wildcats?
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