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i don't know the premier league but a Mexican goalkeeper oswaldo sanchez got a yellow before the game started

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Q: Who has the fastest yellow card in English premier league?
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Who has most yellow cards in premier league?

Jean Claude van damne

Name the most booked player in Premier League history?

The most booked player in English Premier League history is Robbie Savage (Wales), who has received a record 89 yellow cards during his stints in the league with Leicester City, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County.

Which premier league game had the most yellow cards?

Had to be a Blackburn or a Bolton game surely ;)

How many yellow cards does it take for a player to get suspended in the English premier league?

Five for a one-game ban, ten for two games and fifteen for three games.

What player got most yellow cards in premier league history?

Lee Bowyer with 99 yellows

Do yellow cards get carry forward in barclays premier league?

Yes, a a cumulative total of 5 yellow cards makes a one match ban

What happens if you get a red card in the premier league?

Same as any other league you get a warning 2 yellow cards in one game will get you suspended for a game

How many yellow cards need to be accumulated in the Barclays Premier League before a suspension?

5 yellows = red-suspension

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Which play holds premier league record for appearing in the most games without ever receiving a yellow or red card?


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To support Marie Curie Cancer Care.

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WhichTeam has with worst disciplinary record in premier league ever?

Manchester City, more specifically Mario Balotelli, has the most yellow cards and two red cards in the 2011-2012 season. After the firework incident nearly burning down his bathroom and countless retaliations at Mancini and other players, Mario Balotelli has the worst disciplinary record in the Barclays Premier League.

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