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In the pros it's under two seconds. It's called pop. It's a combo of reactions= speed of release of ball - velocity of ball and accuracy

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Ivan Rodriguez I think

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Q: Who has the fastest throw down to 2nd base?
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How do you throw the ball to second base in Mario super sluggers?

If you have a Nunchuk, hold the direction of the base you want to throw to. Right=1st, Up=2nd, Left=3rd, Down=Home. If you don't have a Nunchuk, you can use horizontal remote.

What was Steve Sax Famous for?

he could not throw to 1st base from the 2nd base position, he some kind of mental block and could not throw to 1st, he would throw it all over the place

Runners on 2nd and 3rdPitcher fients a throw to 3rd turns and fients a throw to 1st with no runner there Is this a Balk?

YES ... throwing a ball to an unoccupied base is a balk ...

How far is the throw from home plate to 2nd base in MLB?

The distance is measured from the back of home plate to the back corner of 2nd base. The distance is 127 feet 3 3/8 inches.

Look at the baseball diamond If a player throws the baseball from 2nd base to home plate how far does he throw it?

121 feet

Runner on second and third were is play made?

you could check the runners at 2nd and 3rd, and then throw to first base. Once that is done, throw it home to prevent the runner on 3rd to go home.

Where does the second baseman stand when receiving a throw from LF?

In most cases, the second baseman will be covering 2nd base on a hit or fly out to LF.

On defense if a runner is caught in a run down between 2nd and 3rd and there is a runner on 3rd base should we throw home to not allow the run to score?

Assuming there is no force at home, chase the runner towards third base and that increases your chance of getting one or perhaps two outs. By throwing home, again assuming no force, the runner could get back to second safely and the throw to home is meaningless.

The 2nd fastest animal in the world?

If you think the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest then the Gyrfalcon is second. I do believe the Gyr is the fastest.

What are the gas giants ranked from fastest to slowest?

Jupiter is the fastest, Saturn is the 2nd fastest, Uranus is the 3rd fastest, and Neptune is the slowest.

What are the meanings of the bases that guys always talk about?

1st base - kissing 2nd base - feeling up 3rd base - feeling down 4th base - all the way

How many errors were committed if there is a runner on 2nd base when the batter bunts to the pitcher but the throw deflects off the 1st base glove allowing the runner to score from 3rd?

The official scorer would have to determine if the throw was catchable. If the throw was, then the error would be on the first baseman and he would be charged as such. If on the other hand the throw was a bad one and the first baseman had to reach and could not catch the ball, then the error is on the pitcher. Only one error would be charged even though the base runner advanced two base and scored.