Who has the fastest lap time?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Bill Elliott has the fastest qualifying lap in the history of Nascar at an average speed of 212 mph at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. Restrictor plates were then made mandatory at superspeedways after several horrible crashes, so now modern cars will max out at about 200mph when they are in the draft. If you took the restrictor plate off of a modern car, you could probably reach 230 mph. (estimate)

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A good way to judge this is by looking at the world record holder of the for the 50 freestyle. For a long course pool, this is Cesar Cielo of Brazil. 50 events are usually the shortest events in terms of distance at professional and amateur events, so they are typically the fastest.

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Awesome Bill from Dawsonville....212mph

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Q: Who has the fastest lap time?
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FWhats the fastest cycle time around rutland water?

shaun towell 2001 fastest lap 56.48 secods rutland water

What is the Fastest Nuremberg lap time ever?

6.11 stefan bellof Porsche 956 1984

What is a fast lap?

In motorsport, the fastest lap is the quickest lap run during a race. Some series, like A1 Grand Prix and the GP2 series, award bonus points to the driver/team with the fastest lap. In Formula One, where until 1960 drivers were awarded a point for setting fastest lap, Michael Schumacher holds the current record for the most fastest laps with 76.

Who was the fastest horse in Australia?

Many consider Phar Lap the greatest Australian horse of all time.

What is the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear?

1:16.8 done by Bugatti veyron supersport.

What was the fastest lap time posted on the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway by who and in what car?

Lorenzo ona r1

Who did the fastest lap time ever Australian grand prix?

Michael Schumacher in 2004, he did 1:24.125

What is the fastest Nuremberg lap time for a production vehicle?

migeul bizarro 4 weeks Honda civic

What was the time of the fastest skater in NHL history?

Mike Gartner set the record in 1996 for skating a lap in 13.386 seconds.

What is the fastest lap time ever at Bridgehampton race track?

Bruce McLaren (1969 McLaren M8B), 1:24.6

How many miles per hour was the fastest qualifying lap in Nascar history?

The fastest qualifying lap (in MPH) in NASCAR History took place at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. Bill Elliott turned in a lap of 212.809 MPH to become the fastest man in NASCAR with a record that will never be broken in NASCAR.

Who holds the fastest 25m freestyle lap?

franie s