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At our High School track meet a boy in the 9th grade finished with a 2 minute 800 meter. Female finished with a 2 min 30 second which was two seconds over third place for boys. That's fast... is it the best? You tell me what your schools top scores are and we will find out... Yelm, WA

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2010-04-12 05:28:17
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Q: Who has the fastest high school 800 meters record?
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What is the fastest 100 meters for high school?

According to Track and Field News, the high school record for 100 meters dash is Armon Owens from Cy-falls high school is the fastest kid to date undefeated in the 100 metes dash to date. His current time is 10.43 he is a Cy-falls High School Senior, in Houston, Texas.

What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

Fastest time in 400 meters ran at coppell high school?


What is the 100 meters freestyle swimming record high school girls?

the girl record for 100 meters freestyle is a 60

What is the fastest 5000 meters time run by a high school student?

the fastest 5000m ran by a high school student is 13:37 set by Chris Derrick of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, IL (USA High School only of course).

What is the high school record for 5000 meters?

Rashad Abdallah at 48.9 seeconds

What is the fastest time to run the mile relay race in high school?

The current record for running the fastest mile relay race in high school is currently 3 minutes, 58 seconds, and 30 milliseconds. The record was set on May 15, 1965 by Jim Ryun from Wichita East High School.

What is the fastest high school 100 meter track record?

Armon Owens Cy-Falls High School. 10.43 100 meter undefeated

What high school boy set the fastest record in the 100 meter dash in Texas?

Houston McTeer

What are the fastest high school 1600 meter times?

Jim Ryan established the high school and U.S. open mile record 3:55.3 as a senior in 1965, a record that stood as the high school record for 36 years until broken by Alan Webb's 3:53.43 in 2001.

What is the high school record for running a mile?

Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. His hand-time was 3:58.

What is the fastest mile run in a high school track meet?

Jim Ryun has the fastest mile time in a high-school only track meet. Alan Webb, holds the high-school boy's record at 3:53.43, but this was set in 2001 at the Prefontaine Classic, which is a professional meet.

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