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Travis Padgett of Clemson University broke the collegiate 100 meter dash record by running a time of 9.89 seconds at the 2008 US Olympic trials.

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Usain Bolt of Jamaica currently holds the fastest time for the 100m with a time of 9.58. Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake are tied for second with a time of 9.69.

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Q: Who has the fastest collegiate 100 meter time?
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Who has the fastest time in a 100 meter sprint?

usain bolt has the fastest time with 9.58 which he got in 2009 at the world championships in Berlin

How do you win a 100 meter race without being the fastest runner?

Sorry, you have to be the fastest runner to win the 100 meter race.

What was the fastest time ever in Olympics?

The fastest time ever for the Men's 100 meter is 9.63 seconds. This was accomplished by Usain Bolt who has been dubbed the fastest man alive.

What time made bolt fastest man in the world?

the time usain bolt the fastest man in the world was 9.58 seconds in the 100 meter sprint

What sprinter holds the second fastest recorded time in the 100 meter dash?

Tyson Gaye

What is the fastest 100 meter time?

The answer depends on by who or what. The shortest possible time, by electromagnetic radiation in vacuum, is 0.0000003336 seconds (approx).

How long does Joel Charles take to finish 100 meters?

Joel Okech Charles fastest 100 meter time is 11.89

Who had the fastest 100 meter time in 2007?

In 2007, Veronica Campbell-Brown from Kingston, Jamaica ran the 100 meter in 10.89. She is tied with Evelyn Ashford as the eighth fastest woman in the world for running the 100 meter in 10.76 May 31, 2011.

Who is the fastest in the world at the 100 meter race?

Usain Bolt.

Who is the fastest runner on the 100 meter sprint?

Usain Bolt.

Fastest person who did 100 meter run?

Usain Bolt

The Fastest Florida Gator?

Myself and everyone i know all say Jeff Demps...with a 9.96 time in the 100-meter!