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CELTIC by far

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Q: Who has the biggest fan base rangers or Celtic?
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Who has the biggest fan base Manchester united and Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

Which soccer team has biggest fan base Liverpool or Celtic?


Who does martin laird support Celtic or rangers?

martin laird is a Rangers fan

What team does Tom Cruise support Celtic or rangers?

he is a Celtic man. he was at a rangers match with sevilla but stated that he was a Celtic fan through and through

Who does Martin Laird follow Glasgow Celtic or Glasgow Rangers?

He is a Rangers fan

Is Craig whyte a Celtic fan?

Yes he hates rangers

What football team in Scotland has the biggest fan base?

Glasgow Celtic having the largest stadium capacity have a weekly crowd of 60,000 . Next is Glasgow Rangers at 50,000. Glasgow Rangers have the largest fanbase in Scotland and the fourth largest in UK at 1.5M (Man Utd = 4.3M, Liverpool = 3.2M, Arsenal = 2.3M, Rangers 1.5M, Chelsea 1.45M, Celtic = 1.4m).

How many fans do Glasgow rangers and Celtic have worldwide?

As both are giants in Scottish football, their fan base is very large in Europe.

Who has the biggest fan base in Liverpool Liverpool or everton?

Liverpool has the biggest fan base

Does Queen Elizabeth support Glasgow Rangers?

No she is a fan of the great Glasgow Celtic

How big is Liverpool fc fan base?

Certainly bigger than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Rangers, Tottenham and Celtic. Not sure of the exact figure

Which soccer team has a larger fan base Rangers or Everton?


Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle united or Glasgow Rangers?


How big is Glasgow Rangers fan base?


What actor has the biggest fan base?

its shahrukh khan with 4.2 billion fan base

Who has a bigger fan base Celtic or Liverpool worldwide?

Celtic by Far! They have a huge fan base for a small club worldwide. Liverpool have more in the UK but definitely not in world wide. Liverpool are more or less unknown outside of Europe where as Celtic have huge fan clubs placed in China, Australia, New Zealand, America, Mexico and Canada. So the answer is Celtic.

Which soccer team has a larger fan base Rangers or Liverpool?


Which football club has the biggest fan base in Milan?

The biggest fan base in Milan are at the San San Siro. The ground for both the MILAN TEAMs.

Biggest fan base team?

manchester united

Who has the biggest fan base in rap?

Lil wayne

Who has the most fans Man utd or Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

What shirt number did gascoigne wear for rangers?

Number 8(hail hail)Celtic fan put the guy is a ledgend

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Celtic?

Chelsea ---------------------- Not a chance. Celtic has more supporter clubs than any football club on the planet. The strength of Celtic's support is due to the Scottish and Irish diaspora all over the world. The only team's that come close to Celtic's worldwide fan base is Manchester United and Liverpool.

Most popular fan base ncaa football team?

biggest college football fan base list

Are Celtic the biggest club in the world?

They have the potential. If they were in the premiership they would have an 85,000 stadia and 81,000 season ticket holders which dwarfs any English team. Biggest fan base in the world also but cant become biggest team in the world due to playing in Scotland.