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everybody in the world

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Q: Who has the biggest fan base in Manchester Manchester United or Manchester City?
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Who has the biggest fan base Manchester united and Celtic?

Manchester United have the bigger fan base.

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Manchester united?

Manchester United, definitely. We got the biggest fan-base on the planet.

Biggest fan base team?

manchester united

Who has the biggest soccer fan base in the world?

Manchester United

Is Manchester United located in the city of Manchester?

yes, but the fan base is from London

How many currently fans Manchester united?

As Manchester United is the club with the biggest fan base , the fans will be in millions , that is world wide.

Who has a bigger fan base man united or man city?

Manchester United have a bigger fan base.

What team is more popular in Manchester- Manchester City or MAchester United?

Man city has bigger fan base in Manchester bu t united has bigger fan base in the world particularly in Asia and america

How big is Manchester united football fan base?

pretty darm big ( biggest in the world)

What is Manchester united's home base?

Manchester United's Home ground is at Old Trafford

What is the top ten biggest fan base in England?

1. Manchester United 2. Arsenal 3. Liverpool 4. Everton 5. Newcastle United 6. Sheffield Wednesday 7. Chelsea 8. Aston Villa 9. Tottenham Hostpur 10. Manchester City

Who has biggest fan base Aston villa or man city?

Today it is Manchester City with all its money more fans as well as more stars are there.

Where is the home base of Manchester united?

In manchester near Old Trafford Stadium

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Manchester City?

Research by Manchester City estimates they have 886, 000 fans in the UK and in excess of 2 million worldwide. Source: Wikipedia Can find no figures on Newcaslte fan base.

Does Manchester United have more fans then city?

Yes. Manchester United have a bigger fan base across the world compared to Manchester City. Also, Old Trafford has a higher attendance than Eastlands, even though that might have something to do with Eastlands being a smaller stadium.

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Manchester United?

Manchester United's general attendance is higher than Newcastle's, and the Red Devils are generally recognised as one of the biggest club teams in the world in terms of followship, ticket sales and merchandise revenue.

How many training fields does Manchester United have on their base?

There are none.

Which football club has the oldest fan base?

It is Manchester United.

Manchester united or Manchester city who has the most fans based in Manchester?

A 2002 Manchester Metropolitan University survey found that, whilst only 29% of Manchester United season ticket holders were from Manchester ( Compared to 40% for City ), United have over a thousand more season tickets holders in Manchester - 7808 compared to 6678. If we are talking Greater Manchester then there wouldn't be much in it but unless anyone has done a survey of over 2 million people then we are relying on hearsay. They both play in different boroughs of Greater Manchester - United in Trafford ( hence Old Trafford ) and City in the ' City of Manchester '. That's why you hear loads of City fans saying there is only one club in Manchester but technically they are both the same distance from the centre. United are known as having a huge fan base so obviously a lot of their fans will be from elsewhere in the country. That doesn't mean that they aren't supported equally well in Manchester though.

Which English football clubs have the largest fan base?

Manchester united

Which football club has the largest fan base as of 2011?

Manchester United

What are the top 10 soccer clubs in the UK with the largest fan base?

Arsenal, Leeds, Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton, Portsmouth and Newcastle UTD.

What is the biggest secret base?

it is in lilicove city

Which 10 football teams have the biggest fan base world wide?

The main ones are Real Madrid , Manchester United,, Barcelona, Both the Milan teams and Bayern Munich.

Which soccer team has the largest worldwide fan base in Britain?

Manchester united