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In Joe Sewell's worst season, he had only 12 K's.

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Q: Who has the best walk to strikeout ratio in MLB?
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Who are the top ten strikeout leaders in the MLB history?

Eric freaking Roberts

2008 MLB hardest players to strikeout?

Through games played on September 12, the toughest player to strikeout in the National League is Yadier Molina of the Cardinals who has struckout 29 times in 441 at bats for an average of 1 strikeout per 15.2 at bats. The American League leader is Yuniesky Betancourt of the Mariners who has struckout 35 times in 502 at bats for an average of 1 strikeout per 14.3 at bats. It was actually Jeff Keppinger who only struckout 24 times in 459 at bats for a ratio of 19.125 at bats per K. Yadier Molina had 29 k's in 444 at bats for a ratio of 15.31 at bats per K.

Why does MLB use the letter 'K' instead of the letter 'A'or 'W' or 'X'for a pitcher's strikeouts?

Because 'K' is in Strikeout and strike. It makes sense.

In baseball what happens to a batter who with two strikes atempts to bunt and fouls the ball?

In MLB, according to Rule 6.05(d) the batter is called out. The play is scored as a strikeout.

What team fell victim to Kerry Wood's MLB record tying 20 strikeout game?

The Houston Astros on May 6, 1998. The Cubs won 2-0.

Who has the best ERA for a MLB season?

Who has the best ERA for a MLB season

How many strike outs did Ryan Nolan have his first game?

3. Nolan Ryan's first game in MLB was September 11, 1966 against the Atlanta Braves. He pitched 2 innings and had 3 strikeouts. His first ever MLB strikeout was of Braves' pitcher Pat Jarvis.

When was the first walk off home run in MLB history?

in 1928

Who were the Leading strikeout pitchers in 2008?

In MLB, Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants led the National League in strikeouts with 265 and A.J. Burnett of the Toronto Blue Jays led the American League with 231.

First pitcher to strike out 20 batters in a game?

There have been three pitchers to strikeout 20 batters in one game and one pitcher to strikeout 21 batters in a game. The three to strikeout 20 were Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson. All three struckout all those batters in a nine inning game. The pitcher to strikeout 21 batters, Tom Cheney, needed 16 innings. Cheney's 21 strikeouts is the MLB record for strikeouts by a pitcher in a single game.

Did anyone ever thrown a game with all strikeouts in MLB?

No. The most strikeouts in a nine inning game is 20 by Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, and Kerry Wood. That left 7 outs to be made by something other than a strikeout.

Is Saint Louis the best team in MLB?