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Q: Who has the best kicking percentage in rugby union?
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Who is the best flanker in rugby union?

Richie McCaw

Why is a try called a try?

Its from the greek word "doing your best". In the early days of Rugby Union there were no points for scoring a try. The try only gave the team the right to 'try' to score points by kicking the ball between the posts.

The best rugby union player in the world?

Fourie du Preez of South Africa

Who is the best team in in the Rugby?


What position is similar to full back in rugby I am quite tall but not the best at catching?

All positions require the ability to catch a rugby ball. The best step forward is to take a ball and practice with a friend throwing the ball at first, then kicking from hand and catching etc

Best rugby union player in New Zealand?

Jake mclennan dan carter of course and roccotoko

Where can one find more information on South African rugby?

Rugby is a very popular sport that is played in South Africa. The South African Rugby Union is their international team. The best way to find information about this sport is through local rugby leagues.

Which sport takes place in Twikenham?

Twickenham is best known for the Twickenham Stadium the home of Rugby Football Union.

What conditions are needed to play rugby?

This both applies to League and Union The best conditions for a good rugby match is sunny and dry. If its raining all the players will be slipping very where and the amount of knock-ons will be high.

What are the equipments in rugby?

To play yourself, you need a pair of rugby boots, a pair of rugby shorts (they're harder to rip than normal running/football shorts), rugby socks, a gumshield (you can buy cheap ones which you heat in warm water and then bite, or spend the money on getting one fitted by a dentist. The latter is the best option) a ball to practice with, plus a kicking tee/cone if you want to practice kicking conversons gloves-some people find it easier to catch the ball if they were special gloves a scrumcap, if you're playing position 1-8, or if you have been concussed before.

How do you say you like rugby in spanish?

Me guste Rugby. (may goostay rugbee) Then the spanish speaker will look at you like you're nuts. The best I can do with Mexicans living in the US is "Me guste Rugby international - no es futbol mexicano, no es futbol Americano; es futbol de los Ingles sin equipo." In other words, they've never heard of rugby and need to have it described to them. Spanish reserves futbol for the game of soccer. Rugby union may sometimes be called Rugby de quince jugadores sin equipo, or simply Rugby a quince, and Rugby league would be Rugby de trece jugadores sin equipo , Rugby a trece or Rugby profesional. Of course, the Union game is now also professional.

Is rugby the best?