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Chelsea-86 games ( ......March 2004-October 2008.. ) by 0-1 Liverpool

Man City-37 games (December 2010-December 2012) by 2-3 Man Utd

Man Utd-36 games (December 1998-December 2000) by 0-1 Liverpool

Man Utd-35 games (December 1994-November 1996) by 1-2 Chelsea

Arsenal -32 games ( .........May 2003-January 2005.. ) by 2-4 Man Utd

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It is Chelsea and Barcelona

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Q: Who has the best home record in the champions league football?
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Who are the most famous football competitors?

I may be wrong, but i would have to say Real Madrid as they have won the champions league a record number of times, and have continually dominated spanish league football for a many number of years. Within Europe they have the best history.

Who is the best center back in the world at football?

John Terry voted best in Europe 2009 in Champions League.

What year was the champions league final?

The champion league is held every year to find out the best football club in Europe for that year.

What is the ECC in soccer?

The ECC in soccer refers to the European Champions Cup, which is now known as the UEFA Champions League. It is made from the best football teams in Europe

Who is the best scorer in football in 2011?

For the Europa League, Falcão (17 goals - new record); For the Champions' League, Messi (11 goals - final has not yet been played). There are thousands of domestic competitions, it's impossible to know all of their statistics.

Who is the best champion league winners?

Real Madrid have been the most successful club in the Champions League. They have won the competition a record 10 times.

Which is the England highest prized football competition?

Most likely the UEFA Champions League. Whoever wins the Champions League is crowned "Best Team in Europe" and Europe having the best football teams/players in the world, this feat is pretty important to many European nations including England. Unless your including the World Cup.

Who is the best football club in England?

Manchester United is the best undoubtedly because they are the usual winners of Premier League and FA Cup Trophy. The also win Europa League, Champions League and the Club World Cup.

Who areManchester United FC?

Man Utd are a English football team who are probably the best team in the country because they have won 19 premier league titles which is the best cup in the world of football CHAMPIONS.

How do you get champions leagu e on pes 08?

You cant actually get the Champions League in PES 08 but the best you can do is play the inernational league and put the teams that you want in the league. You can also rename the International League into the UEFA Champions League

Comparison of European cup of nations and European champion league?

The UEFA Cup and the Champions League are associated with football in Europe. They are governed by the Union of European Football Associations. Well, Champions league is the most prestigious of the two football tournaments.