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1998 Tennessee Vols

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Q: Who has the best college football team?
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Is Texas Tech an NFL team?

No it's a college. It has a football team. It's in the BIG 12 Conference. its also THE BEST college football team(:

Who is the best college football team right now?

The best team is the Texas Long Horns

What college football team has the best audience pull?


Which team has the best record in college football?

The Michigan Wolverines have the best record of any school in all divisions of college football history.

Is Ohio state buckeyes the best team in college football?

yes, they are the best.

Best college football team ever?

1998 Tennessee Vols

Who was the best college football team during the 1920s?

Notre Dame

What is the best team in college football?

The Arizona State SUN DEVILS!

Best College football team since 1959?

1998 Tennessee

Who is the second best college football team?

Alabama crimson tide!