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The quarterback that has the best career touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history is Aaron Rodgers. He has a ratio of 3. 62, and is also the highest rated quarterback of all time.

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Q: Who has the best career touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history?
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What is Aaron Rodger's touchdown to interception ratio?

132 touchdowns to 38 interceptions so far in his career

What is Brett Favre's touchdown to interception ratio?

Through the 2007 season, Favre has thrown 442 TDs and 288 INTs for a touchdown to interception ratio of 1.53 (to 1).

What is dan marinos touchdown to interception ratio?

4.2 touchdowns for every 2.5 interceptions.

What is the alltime worst touchdown to interception ratio in the nfl?

Spergon Wynn threw 1 Touchdown and 7 Interceptions in his career. I'm pretty sure 1/7 ratio is the worst ever by. And the worst part is he was chosen before Tom Brady by the Cleveland Browns.

What is the all time best touchdown to interception ratio for a quarterback in the NFL?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots- 2010 NFL Season He threw 36 touchdowns and 4 interceptions over 16 games for a record 9:1 touchdown/interception ratio.

Best single season touchdown-to-interception ratio for a nfl quarterback?

2010 Tom Brady had a 9 to 1 Td/Int ratio. 36 touchdowns to 4 interceptions.

What is Tim Tebow's touchdown vs interception ratio?

Through the 2011 season, Tebow threw or passed for 29 touchdowns while only have nine interceptions so his ratio is 9/29.

What is the all-time best touchdown to interception ratio for a quarterback over a career?

Through 12 weeks of the 2011 NFL season, for QBs with at least 2000 passing attempts that is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers who has 124 career TD passes and 37 career INTs for a 3.35 to 1 TD/INT ratio. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is second with 291 career TD passes and 113 career INTs for a 2.58 to 1 TD/INT ratio.

What is the all-time best touchdown to interception ratio for a quarterback in one season and over a career?

Although he played division III, his record is so outstanding I think it is a good answer to this question. The best I can find is Bill Borchert, the QB at Mt. Union from 1994 thru 1997. His career TD/Int ratio was 141/17. His best season was 1997, at 47/1.

Best career touchdown-to-interception ratio for a nfl quarterback?

As of 11/26/2012, Aaron Rodgers has the highest TD/INT ratio with 160 TD/45 INT = 3.56. Tom Brady is #2 with 324 TD/118 INT = 2.75. Steve Young is third with 232 TD/107 INT = 2.17.

Who are Top ten TD to interception ratio for NFL career?

tom brady: 2010- 9 to 1, 36 tds 4 ints

What are Tom Brady's biggest accomplishments?

Touchdowns per interception ratio, three superballs wins in first six seasons

Who has the best assist to turn over ratio in NBA history?

Muggsy Bogues is the all time assist to turnover leader with a career mark of 4.69.

History of the golden ratio?

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What is the all-time best touchdown to interception ratio for a quarterback in the NFL?

As of the start of the 2008 season, for a single season that would be Tom Brady in 2007 with 50 TD passes and 8 INTs for a TD to INT ratio of 6.25. Through the 2010 season, that honor belongs to Aaron Rodgers of the Packers with a 2.71 to 1 TD to INT ratio (87 career TD passes and 32 career INTs). Tom Brady of the Patriots is second at 2.53 to 1 (261 career TD passes and 103 career INTs). Everyone at the top of this list is a QB that is currently playing or played in the last 10 years. It is rare to find a QB that played his entire career in the 20th century that has a 2 to 1 ratio. Steve Young is an exception at a 2.17 to 1 ratio (232 TDs/107 INTs). Randomly selecting some all time greats, Sammy Baugh is .92 to 1 (187 TDs/203 INTs), John Unitas is 1.15 to 1 (290 TDs/253 INTs), Terry Bradshaw is 1.01 to 1 (212 TDs/210 INTs), Joe Montana is 1.96 to 1 (273 TDs/139 INTs), Dan Marino is 1.67 to 1 (420 TDs/252 INTs), and John Elway is 1.33 to 1 (300 TDs/226 INTs). For more information, please refer to the related links.

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