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Torrey Phillips on Washington lee sqaud he never missed a shot in two full games and only missed 10 out in all 10 games put togethr -coach daopsen

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Q: Who has the best basketball shot in the world?
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What is the world record for longest basketball shot?

There really is no held record for the longest basketball shot.

What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

Whoes the best basketball player in the world?

abdi salat is the best basketball player in the world.

What is a jump shot in basketball?

A jump shot is a shot you take when you jump in basketball!!!

How do you improve your basketball shot?

You can improve your basketball shot by practicing.

Should I change my basketball shot?

I don't know what your basketball shot is.

Is you are like the best basketball player a simile?

Depends on how and what you are comparing to with a basketball player. For example. "His lay up was so perfect it was like he the best basketball player ever to make such a shot."

Who makes a rainbow shot football basketball baseball or volleyball?

in basketball you make a rainbow shot

Is Paul Pierce the best basketball player in the world?

I think he is the best basketball player in the NBA.

What shot is the safest shot in basketball?

Bank Shot

What's the most common shot in basketball?

The most common shot in basketball is a layup.

Who is best athlete at basketball in the world?

Michael Jordan is the best.

What is the best basketball team in the world?


What is World Basketball Association's motto?

The motto of World Basketball Association is 'The next best thing to the NBA'.

When was the two-point shot added to basketball?

The two point shot has always existed in basketball.

What basketball shot was made illegal in 1967?

there is no such thing as an illegal shot, at least not in american basketball

What is the most used shot in basketball?

jump shot

How can a basketball player improve their shot using the concepts of projectile motion?

To get the best shot going, you have to shoot at around 45-50 degrees

What is free shot in basketball?

A free shot in basketball would be a free throw. You get this if you are fouled during the game.

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

Who is the best basketball play in the world?

Michael Jordan

Best basketball player in the world?

Alex Rahimi

What percentage of the world like basketball the best?


Who is the best basketball player in the world?

Michael Jordan

Who is the best world player in basketball?

lebron James