Who has the best T20 strike rate?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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David Warner (Australia) strike rate 171.31 in first class cricket

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The Bowler who has the best strike rate in cricket is Dale Steyn (South Africa).

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chris gayle the best strike rate int20

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Q: Who has the best T20 strike rate?
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Which player has the highest strike rate in t20 international matches?

Chris gale is a power hitter. He has the highest rate.

Highest strike rate in an innings in twenty20 world cup?

The highest strike rate recorded by a person in an innings in twenty world cup was 414.28 by Dwayne Smith. He scored 29 runs of 7 balls. It was against Bangladesh in 2007 T20 world cup. The next best strike rate was by Yuvraj Singh in a match against England where he hit 58 runs in 16 balls with a strike rate of 362.5

Who has the best strike rate in the IPL among the Indian bowlers?


Who are the best t20 cricket batsman?

Chris Gayle

Who is the best t20 international batsman?

Brad hodge

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136 - T20, T20, D8

What is the best T20 cricket team in the world?

Mumbai indians

Who will be best cricketer in t20 world cup if you take consideration of ipl 2009?

My personal opinion is the best cricketer in t20 world cup is Yuvraj singh the Indian vice Captain .

What is virendra sehwag strike rate in test cricket?

Virendra Sehwag strike rate in test cricket is 82.17.

Who won the best bowler award in T20 2009?

umar gul


144 - T20, T20, D12