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Dan Marino with 420 touchdown passes. Only player in the 400 pass club. Brett Favre is the only player in the 500 touchdown pass club.

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Motee ball Wisconsin

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Q: Who has the Most touchdowns in college football in a career?
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Who has the most touchdowns in a career for college football?

Mark ingram

What college QB has the most rushing touchdowns in a career?

Tim Tebow

Who has the most interceptions thrown returned for touchdowns in a college career?

terrance cody

Who is the football player is in the hall of fame for the most Receptions most Career Yards Gained and most career touchdowns and is the greatest receiver?

Jerry Rice

Which College quarterback most rushing touchdowns in career?

Tim Tebow, Florida 51

Most touchdowns thrown in a college football game?


What NFL defensive player has most career touchdowns?

Rod Woodson with 13 career touchdowns.

Who has the most touchdowns in their career?

Hines ward

What nfl player has third most career touchdowns?

Ladainian Tomlinson, with 159 touchdowns.

Who has the Most QB touchdowns in career?

Brett Favre

How many touchdowns does montee ball have this season?

72 setting the FBS record for most touchdowns in a career

Who is the NCAA division 1A career receiving touchdowns leader?

Most Receiving Touchdowns (Career) - 60 - Jarett Dillard, Rice, 2005-2008