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Q: Who has the Most tackles by a defensive back?
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What football defensive back has the most tackles?

Dallas Cowboy Free Safety Barry Church has the most tackles in the league for a defensive back thru week 16 in the 2013 season. He has 127 combines tackles, with 100 solo tackles and 27 assists.

Who has the most tackles for the cowboys in there history?

Defensive back Darren Woodson (1992-2003) holds the Dallas Cowboys' record for all-time tackles with 1,350.

What do the tackles do in football?

Tackle is a action not a PERSON!just to let u know When referring to a person on the football team, the "tackle" is a lineman. There are offensive and defensive tackles, though only the defensive tackles are permitted to tackle anyone. The name dates back to the time when the same player had to play both offense and defense. The offensive line looks like this: End - Tackle - Guard - Center - Guard - Tackle - End The tackle's primary job is to block, either to create holes for the running backs or to protect the quarterback from the blitzing defenders. Tackles are big but generally are quicker than the guards, as they are responsible for outside protection and therefore need to respond quickly to any moves made by the defensive ends. On defense, the defensive tackles play on the inside of the defensive line. Defensive tackles are generally bigger, to clog up the line and prevent the running backs from getting through.

What is the A gap in American football?

it's between the two defensive tackles

Which running back currently has the most broken tackles in the nfl?

Marion Barber

What is the job for the MLB position in football?

Middle Linebackers are usually positioned behind defensive tackles and/or in-between the defensive linemen and the defensive backs (Cornerback, Strong Safety, Weak Safety.}Middle Linebacker

What does tackle do in football?

Offensive tackles are responsible for blocking defensive players on all offensive plays (running & passing). Defensive tackles are responsible for clogging the middle of the line (between the hash marks) so the offense will have difficulty running up the middle and so the quarterback won't be able to step into his pass attempts or escape up the middle if he can't throw the ball.

Most tackles in history?

Who has the most tackles in NFL history?

What is the 43 defense in football?

the 4-3 simply means there are 4 defensive tackles and 3 linebackers in that formation

Who does the left tackle tries to maintain or lets just say what is the left tackles target?

Right defensive end

What is IDP in fantasy football?

Individual Defensive Player. In these leagues you pick individual defensive players rather than team defenses. They usually get points for tackles, sacks, and interceptions.

What is the NFL record for most tackles for loss?

In the 2008 season, D'Qwell Jackson of Cleveland had the most tackles with 154.