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Ty Cobb, who hit .367.

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Q: Who has the Highest career batting average for a hitter?
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Right handed hitter that has highest career batting average?

Rogers Hornsby with .358, second all time only to Ty Cobb.

What hitter posted the highest lifetime batting average?

Barry Bonds... i think

What is the over all batting average of the Cubs this year?

The Cubs 2008 team batting average was .278, second highest in the National League (the St. Louis Cardinals were first at .281). The leading hitter for the Cubs was shortstop Ryan Theriot with a .307 batting average.

What was Babe Ruths Career statistics?

As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a career record of 94 wins 46 losses with a 2.28 ERA. As a hitter he had a career batting average of .342 with 714 home runs, and 2,217 RBIs.

Babe Ruth career stats?

Babe Ruth as a pitcher had a career record of 94 wins 46 losses with a 2.28 ERA. As a hitter Babe Ruth had a career batting average of .342 714 home runs, and 2,217 RBIs.

Who is currently the best hitter on the New York Yankees team?

From the start of the season to the end of July, Robinson Cano has had the highest batting average for an every day player.

What is the Philadelphia Phillies batting average?

For the 2007 season, the Phillies team batting average was .274. The leading hitter on the team was Chase Utley with a .332 average.

Who is the best second baseman ever?

Rogers Hornsby is the most common answer to that question. Rogers hit .358 (second highest career average), with a career OPS over a thousand. He is often considered the greatest right handed hitter in baseball history.

Who was the last 300 career hitter to retire from MLB?

Nomar Garciaparra, a career .313 hitter, retired after the 2009 season.

Who is the leading hitter for the Colorado Rockies?

For the 2007 season, the Rockies leading hitter was Matt Holliday at .340. For the 2010 season, the Rockies leading hitter is Brad Hawpe, witha .357 batting average.

Do errors and fielders choice factor into batting average?

Yes, if a hitter hits into a fielder's choice he gets credited for an at-bat and is NOT credited with a hit. Whether its an error or a fielder's choice the players batting average WILL decrease

Who is the best hitter in baseball from during the time period of 1875-1950?

Strictly going by batting average, the best hitter in the history of MLB was Ty Cobb who batted .366 for a career that lasted 24 seasons (1905-1928). He hit over .400 in three seasons and, other than his rookie season when he had 150 at bats and hit .240, never batted below .316 for a season (his second season). For a four year stretch (1910-1913) he batted .402 (.4018). Rogers Hornsby is second in career MLB batting average with .3585 over a career that lasted 23 seasons (1915-1937). Hornsby hit over .400 in three seasons and did Cobb one better by having a FIVE season (1921-1925) batting average of .402 (.4024).

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