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Yale - 27 Championships.

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Q: Who has the 2nd most ncaa football championships?
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Most combined NCAA wins in football and basketball?

Notre Dame combined football and basketball and I believe Syracuse is 2nd.

How many national championships has Oklahoma State won?

In Div.1a football....none.AnswerAccording to the NCAA Oklahoma State has won 49 national championships as of the Spring of 2010. This is the 4th highest in the NCAA following UCLA, Stanford, and Southern California. Arkansas follows Oklahoma State with 41 wins. The University of Texas holds 2nd place in the Big XII with 39 wins. Most of OSU's wins have been in Wrestling and Golf.They have won championships in Basketball: 2The answer above is correct, they haven't won any football championships.

When is the first NCAA football game for 2010?

September 2nd

When is NCAA football signing day 2011?

February 2nd 2011

What date will 2010-2011 NCAA college football season start?

September 2nd

What team in 2004 did UT make the 2nd largest comeback in NCAA football history?

Oklahoma State

Who has won the 2nd most NFL championships?

the bears, with 9

Who has the 2nd most NBA championships?

Los Angeles Lakers.

What is the 2nd NBA team that won the most championships?

The lakers with 15

Who is Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky named after?

Adolph Rupp. He was the coach at the University of Ky from 1930-1972. He won 4 NCAA championships and 27 SEC championships. He was 4 time national coach of the year. He had an 82.2 winning percentage which is 2nd all time.

What team won the most championships ever in NBA history?

The Boston Celtics have won the most championships. They have won 17. And the Lakers come n 2nd with 16.

What sport do you most commonly see steroid abuse?

1st Baseball 2nd Football 1st Baseball 2nd Football

What team has won the 2nd most World Series championships?

Saint Louis Cardinals with 10 World Series Championships from 17 appearances.source

Who has the most championship in sports history?

1st Glascow Rangers F.C. - 53 championships 2nd Real Madrid - 31 championships 3rd New York Yankees-27 championships

Which 2 coaches have won national football championships with different schools?

I can only name one and that's Nick Saban. 1st with LSU and 2nd with Alabama!

Who has won the most AFC championships?

As of Dec 28th 2010 the Pittsburg steelers have the most with 7, the New England Patriots have the 2nd most with 6

What is the 2nd most popular sport in Australia?


What are the top 5 colleges to go to for gymnastics?

well Georgia have won the NCAA national championships for 10 years. this year the finals went - 1st Georgia, 2nd Alabama, 3rd Utah, 4th Florida, and 5th Arkansas.

What NCAA school has the most wins in all sports combined?

Kentucky 1st= 1900Wins+ UNC 2nd= 1900Wins+ ?

Is it a requirement for college football players to wear a mouthpiece?

No, it is not a requirement just suggested. 2nd answer: Mouthpieces are required by the college's rules and by the NCAA or NIT.

Who is the best current coach in college football?

easy, pete Carroll (USC) would grab the #1 spot, 6 straight BCS bowl games, 3 of them National championships, winning 2 of them. the best in college football right now. 2nd probably Jim tressle, (Ohio State) has won 12 "Coach of the Year" awards, 4 Division I-AA National Championships and 1 Division I-A National Championship. Since taking over at Ohio State in 2001, Tressel was 62-14 coming into the 2007 season with 4 BCS Bowl appearances in 6 seasons @ OSU. #3, Bob Stoops at Oklahoma. Basicly has turned that team into a national powerhouse every year he has been there. I would also have to include Larry Kehre, Mount Union College. The winniest football coach in college football history with a winning percentage of .927. Coach Larry Kehres has 10 NCAA Division III Championships and the two longest winning streaks in NCAA football history with 54 wins and then after one lost he has a 55 game winning streak. Mount Union Purple Raiders also holds the record for most consecutive regular season victories, winning 110 games between 1994-2005. Under his coaching staff, his football squads have only lost 22 games and tied three times and that gives him a record of 296-22-3.

How many players are on a NCAA Division 2 football team?

Im pretty sure 11 just like normal teams byt then theres 2nd string 3rd string and so on

What team has made the most NCAA tournamnet appearances?

Kentucky has the most tournament appearances with 50. UCLA is 2nd with 42 and North Carolina is 3rd with 40.

What sport has caused more deaths?

I think the most dangerous sport would be wrestling 2nd would be football. (I <3 football)

What state has the most sports championships?

All I know is basketball because I'm a B-ball nut but here is what i know... NCAA Basketball:1st I think its UCLA i think they might have 11 2nd is Kentucky they have 7 (:-)... my favorite team NBA: Celtics...Don't know how much they have but I know they have the most P.S. I hope this helped. Sorry this is all i know