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For New Zealand in Test Cricket, Rechard Hadlee has taken most wickets (431) and in ODI, Daniel Vettori (282).

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Q: Who has taken the most wickets for New Zealand?
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Who was the first New Zealand blackcap to get 300 wickets?

Richard Hadlee was the first New Zealand bowler to take 300 wickets in Test Matches, and currently the leading test wicket-taker in New Zealand. The other New Zealander to get 300 test wickets was Daniel Vettori. No New Zealand bowler is yet to take 300 wickets in ODIs or T20s.

Who was the New zealand cricketer that held the most wickets and retired in 1990?

Sir Richard Hadlee

Who took most wickets in the 1999 Cricket World Cup?

Shane Warne (Australia) and Geoff Allott (New Zealand) took most wickets in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. They took 20 wickets each in the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

Who took most wickets in 1999 ICC world cup?

Shane Warne of Australia and Geoff Alllott of New Zealand took 20 wickets both in 1999 ICC World Cup.

What player did kapildev broke the record of leading test wickets?

new zealand cricket player

First New Zealand player to take 300 wickets and score 3000 runs?

Chris crains

Who won the womans finals England vs new zealand twenty20 09?

England won by 6 wickets

Who took the highest wickets in icc world cup 2011 between Zimbabwe vs new zealand?

Tim Southee

Who has hosted the Olympics the most times?

new zealand new zealand new zealand

Why is Sir Richard Hadlee so well known?

Played International Cricket for New Zealand. As an allrounder he took 431 wickets (at the time was a world record) in tests, and was the first bowler to pass 400 wickets.

Where in New Zealand was the Lord of the Rings movie taken?

there is a guide you can buy in new zealand try looking in it, i have one

What milestone was achieved by new zealand cricket team captain Daniel vettori recently?

3000 runs and 3oo wickets in test cricket

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