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Anil kumble Indian bowler...............

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Q: Who has taken more than 10 wickets in a game?
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Who has taken more than 400 wickets in Indian cricket team?

anil kumble and kapil dev

How many bowlers have taken 500 wickets?

There are only a few bowlers who have more than 500 wickets in their tally. they are:Muthaiah MuralitharanShane WarneCourtney WalshAnil KumbleWasim AkramWaquar YounisHere 500 includes a tally of wickets in both Tests and ODIs. Only the top 3 in the list above have more than 500 wickets in test cricket alone.

Who has not taken more than 500 wickets in test cricket 1 Richard Hadlee 2 Courtney Walsh 3 Muralitharan 4 Shane Warne?

1 Richard Hadlee (431 test wickets)

Which player has not taken more than 500 wickets in test cricket?

This is not a very smart question as many cricketers havent got 500 test wickets, not just one "player". However to name one Ricky Ponting.

How many wickets did malinga take in dlf ipl 5?

Malinga is a srilankan. He is playing for mumbai indians. He got wickets more than 200.

How many wickets has malinga in all matches?

Malinga is a sri Lankan cricketer. He is a fast bowler. He got more than 200 wickets in odi matches.

Who were the first four bowlers to take more than 500 wickets in test cricket?

The first four bowlers to take more than 500 wickets in Test Cricket were, chronologically, Courtney Walsh (17 March 2001), Shane Warne (8th March 2004), Muttiah Muralitharan (16 March 2004), and Glenn McGrath (July 21 2005). Anil Kumble (9 March 2006) was not far behind, and completes the five bowlers in the history of cricket to have taken 500 or more Test Wickets.

Name the Cricketer whose taken-wickets are more than the runs scored by him in the Test Matches?

There is actually more than one cricketer to have received this unfortunate recognition, but perhaps the most renowned cricketer for this achievement would be Chris Martin of New Zealand, who has bowled impressively throughout his career to take 199 test wickets (as of 27th July 2011), but has batted rather modestly (109 runs at an average of 2.53). However, Indian spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar accompanies Martin in this exclusive group of cricketers. He took 242 wickets while scoring 167 runs throughout a pretty successful career.There are a few other cricketers who have taken more wickets more than runs scored, however they have not played as many matches as Martin and Chandrasekhar (61 and 58 respectively). See the related links for some useful information.

Who has taken the most wickets in a single test match?

Jim Lakerwill always be remembered for his bowling in the Test match at Old Trafford in 1956, when he took 19 Australian wickets for 90, 9 for 37 in the first innings and 10 for 53 in the second. No other bowler has taken more than seventeen wickets in a first-class match, let alone in a Test match. The feat is unique and, rash though it may seem to say, may well remain so. for more :

What is Kapil Dev most famous for?

Kapil Dev is most famous for being the captain of the Indian cricket team that won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. He is one of the few players in cricket history to have taken more than 400 wickets and more than 5000 runs in Test cricket.

Did Shane Watson play Test cricket?

yes .He payed 143 tests and took more than 700 wickets

When do More Than a game come out?

When does More than a game come out on dvd?

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