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Q: Who has signed for Warrington Wolves for 2009?
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When was Warrington Wolves created?

Warrington Wolves was created in 1879.

Who are the Warrington Wolves?

The Warrington Wolves are the Rugby team for Warrington. Sorry I don't know if it is Rugby League or Union I don't know anything about rugby really, I just know who the Warrington Wolves are.

Where are Warrington Wolves known to live?

Warrington Wolves are not actually a type of wolf found in the natural environment. In fact, The Warrington Wolves are a rugby team from the United Kingdom.

Name the Warrington Wolves team?


Who won the rugby league challenge cup in 2009?

Winners of the Rugby League Challenge Cup 2009 Warrington Wolves 25--16 Huddersfield Giants

Who is Jordan Burke?

He is a rugby league player for the Warrington Wolves.

Where do warrington wolves play?

When they are playing at Home, they play at the Halliwell Jones stadium.

Who is Helen skelton engaged to?

Richie Myler Rugby league player for Warrington Wolves...

Can you score a drop goal in the nfl like you can in rugbyl?

no its all about manouvering and throwing and catching init i salute you warrington wolves

Who was the Member of Parliament for Warrington North in 2009?

Helen Jones (born December 24, 1954) succeeded Doug Hoyle as the second, and current, Member of Parliament for Warrington North, serving since 1997, including the whole of 2009.

Who was the Member of Parliament for Warrington South in 2009?

Helen Southworth (born November 13, 1956) succeeded Mike Hall as the fourth Member of Parliament for Warrington South, serving between 1997 and 2010, including the whole of 2009.

Is Helen skelton married?

Well not just yet, but she is getting married soon to Richie Myler a rugby player for Warrington Wolves and England,