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was not Nathan blacklock he reitired from nrl like 5 years ago, it was Brett Stewart manly fullback.

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wally lewis nigel vagana 130tries

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Q: Who has scored the most tries in NRL ever?
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Who has done the most tries in 2009?

In Superleague it was Ryan Hall, who plays for Leeds Rhinos, who scored either 29 or 30. There is possibly someone in the NRL who scored more, but I doubt it as they play fewer games.

What team in the nrl scored the most points?

2010 = St George

How many tries did Mark Ellis score for the All Blacks?

none he played league in the nrl

Who was last years leading try scorer in the NRL?

Brett Morris I think he scored 25 try's.

Who scored the 1st try of the 2010 nrl premiership?

It was a Dragon player, i think Bret Moris or Hornsby

Do nrl broncos ever win?

Yes, they do. As a matter of fact, they have the greatest winning percentage out of every other team in the nrl

Is Darren lockyer the best ever nrl plaer?

yes he is the best there is the best was and the best theyll ever be

Do people know the Fiji Batis 2008 team?

Well if they don't they will now, the Batis are the NRL team for Fiji they are the ones who were praising God and singing hallelujah they are the most spritual NRL team ever. Who ever is fijian and can read Fijian this is for you E ratou cauravou qito kaukauwa ko ratou na timi ni NRL ni viti God bless them in their future and all of you who went to support them.

Who is the most famous NRL player?

Jared Hayne.

Which nrl team will improve the most?

Canterbury Bulldogs

Is jamie soward the best nrl player ever?

He certainly is. He won 10 premierships, played 30 origins, 20 tests, captained NSW and Australia. He claimed 8 Clive Churchill's and 42 Dally M Medals. He scored 2000 points in a single game. In one game he scored 362 points in 4 minutes. All field goals.

Is bulldogs the better than rabbitohs and the other 14 teams in nrl?

yes, canterbury bulldogs is the most popular team in nrl. bulldogs is better than rabbitohs and the other 14 teams in nrl. researches and nrl legends have noticed and tested that canterbury have fastest and popular unique footballers.